Paintings with Fabric

Fine Art by Jeanine Rivard Malaney

The Jeremiah Tree


The Jeremiah Tree is a spiritual journey through time and space in the Christian cosmos.


A unique collaboration of poetry and painting, this book is an artistic dialogue on two levels - both in the two media and in conversations between the artists.


Take this journey of deepening faith and discover the subtle and hidden dimensions of beauty, love, and truth that this work seeks to reveal.

The Jeremiah Tree free online viewing of a few pages book is open to you now.

A beautifully bound edition of The Jeremiah Tree is available for purchase. It is 110 pages, full- color on premium paper with lustre finish.


The E-Book version is also available for purchase and download for the customer who prefers digital books. You can see a few sample pages here.


List of Poems


List of Paintings


The Tenderness of Jeremiah
Hagar at the Well
Elizabeth and Mary
The Dreams of Joseph
The Bamboo Grove
St. Ann's Knowing
Elijah's Return
Christ's Sorrow at the Beheading of John the Baptist
Woman of Avila
Caterina and Teresa
Catherine's Tomb
Anne Hutchinson in America
Woman on Antarctica
Bird of the Wind
Light Lifts the Darkness
Daughters of Beijing
Aspen and Pine

Old and Wise
La Posada Yard Gate
Prickly Pear Ablaze
God's Passion in Creation
The Source
New Life, Hidden Thorns
Coming Off the Mountain
The Gift of a New Day
Cerulean Portal
He Will Raise Me Up
Pu'u o Kila, Koke'e Kauai
Window to the Source
Spirit Ascending
Hidden Soul of China
Bison Watching
One Fall Day
Hanalei Bay

Watercolor *
Fabric Collage
Fabric Collage
Watercolor *
Watercolor *
Watercolor *
Fabric Collage


* Inspiration courtesy of NASA/ESA/Hubble


The Poet

Poet Nina Carey TassiNina Carey Tassi received her doctorate in English literature from Fordham University, then launched her career in university administration and teaching in Maryland and New York. As a professor of English, she has taught literature, creative writing, and journalism as well as designed a master's degree program in creative writing. During several years when she worked as a prize-winning journalist, her book Urgency Addiction was published andtranslated into Chinese. Now serving as a consultant in international programs, she has traveled extensively and often finds poetic inspiration in her travels. Her poetry appears regularly in The Penwood Review and other journals. Her forthcoming book, Antarctic Visions, is a collaborative work of poetry and photography, the fruit of her recent expedition to Antarctica.

The Painter

Artist Jeanine Rivard MalaneyJeanine Rivard Malaney studied art in college while earning her bachelor's degree in theoretical mathematics from Indiana University. She retired early from a career in aerospace to pursue her passion for art. Jeanine creates with watercolors, oils, and fabric. She has taught several classes on her techniques and published two illustrated books. She has exhibited throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado since 2004. Jeanine is currently represented by: Wild Spirit Gallery of Pagosa Springs, Colorado; Silver Linings of Ouray, Colorado; and Kookoolan Winery of Yamhill, Oregon.




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